I believe that Ghent Wood Products in an example of a great American success story. Moving from humble beginnings, discerning the times, making wise business decisions, while all the time offering excellent product and customer service, they have risen to a place of value in our community. Personally I am grateful that they are here. I always have confidence in their product and their wise council.

Arthur Cincotti, A&S Woodworking, Inc.

I have a custom Cabinetry and Woodworking shop in Clermont NY. I always have a need for both exotic hardwoods and local woods. I have been going to Ghent Wood Products for over 10 years now. They have always been there for me. “I need this and this next week” they have it for me. When I need milling that requires more than my equipment can handle I just call Tom or Marie and they say “sure we can handle that”.

I have recommended them to all of the contractors I work with (mostly from Dutchess County) and we all use Ghent Wood Products because they’re great. They are all just good people working together with us like a team.

Ross Brown, Romber Works