Tops as unique as you: butcher blocks

our unique custom butcher block and glue up tops are perfect to upgrade your dining table, bar top, counters, vanities, and more.

types of butcher-block countertops:

Hard Maple has the highest density and is a closed-grain hardwood which makes it the overall surface of choice more affordable than its closed-grain counterparts, cherry and walnut, which also make great countertops. Oak – an open-grain wood, oak isn’t ideal for direct food preparation. When lacquered or varnished, the material is just fine for general purposes.

hard maple

  • Lightest closed-grain hardwood
  • Strongest and most dense of all species of maple
  • The most affordable kitchen countertop


  • Mid-tone, closed-grain hardwood
  • Sought after for its attractive, red-tinted color
  • More expensive than maple

black walnut

  • Dark, closed-grain hardwood
  • Valued for rich, deep hue
  • More expensive than maple

red oak

  • Open-grain wood with lots of character
  • Wood grain is more visible than in other species
  • Not intended for food prep


Edge grain (in which the boards are laid parallel with their “edges” showing), end grain (in which small square pieces are lined up vertically with the “ends” showing), and blended (in which different lengths are joined with no particular pattern).

edge grain (ghent wood products uses edge grain construction)

  • Full-length continuous rails
  • Placed side-by-side, or parallel, and glued
  • Most common

end grain

  • Small square pieces of wood standing on “end”
  • Placed vertically and glued in “checkerboard” style
  • Usually more expensive


  • Lengths of finger-jointed interior rails and full-length exterior rails
  • Feature plenty of color variation between light and dark wood 


Homeowners think about the way they see themselves using their butcher-block countertops. For food prep areas, you’ll want to apply (and periodically reapply) an oil finish. But if it’s just a general or dining surface, choose a lacquer finish, since an oil finish could come off on clothing or paper.

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