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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does S4S mean?2018-09-03T21:32:15-04:00

S4S is short for “Surfaced Four Sides.” This is what others may refer to as “finished lumber” or “Dressed four sides”

Do you deliver?2018-09-03T21:32:31-04:00

Yes, we deliver locally as well as throughout the Tri-State Area. For a delivery quote, please provide the office with your shipping address. There is no minimum purchase for delivery, except for delivery of mulch. Mulch deliveries have a minimum order of 4 yards.

What is your moisture content in your kiln dried lumber?2018-09-03T21:32:48-04:00

Typically we dry our lumber to around 6%

What methods of payment do you accept?2018-09-03T21:33:04-04:00

We take cash, check, or credit cards. Credit cards include AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Are you FSC certified?2018-09-03T21:33:19-04:00

No, we are not currently FSC certified. We do not issue any kind of certification or guarantees on our products.

Where does your lumber come from?2018-09-03T21:33:33-04:00

Most of the lumber we sell originates from timber grown on the lands of private forest landowners in the Tristate area. We have our own team of professional and certified loggers and foresters that are fully insured, and adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the environmental integrity of the operation.

Is there a minimum quantity required to order?2018-09-03T21:33:46-04:00

We are retail as well as wholesale. There are no minimum purchase requirements.

I over ordered, or realized there is a defect in my lumber. Do you accept returns?2018-09-03T21:34:02-04:00

We will gladly accept returns of stock items. We ask that you save the original invoice issued to you at the time of purchase, and bring it with you when you return your items. Special orders, however, are non –refundable and non-returnable (Custom milling, glue ups, special moldings, etc.)

Do you do installation?2018-09-03T21:34:16-04:00

No. We can however, provide you with a list of contractors/carpenters to help assist you in finding the right person to get your job done. They have no affiliation with Ghent Wood Products or Meltz Lumber Co.

If it’s not in stock, how long will I have to wait for my order?2018-09-03T21:34:30-04:00

Lead time is something that the office will discuss with you upon placing the order. It varies depending on quantity, species, and whether it is a special order.

I have a couple of trees on my residential property that I need taken down and would like to sell. Will your company provide this service?2018-09-03T21:34:47-04:00

No. We will not cut any trees that are close to your house, or on your residential property, because of the risk of hitting hardware that may have grown into the tree years ago. Our suggestion to you would be to locate someone with a portable band saw mill. If you need assistance in this matter or references, please call the office.

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