Yellow Balau

Bangkirai, Yellow Balau, is a naturally durable hardwood species commonly found in Malaysis and Indonesia and has been a popular choice for outdoor applications for over 30 years. Its interlocking grain provides a smooth, even texture, and ensures a long maintenance-free service life, which puts Bangkirai on par with other popular species such as Ipe or Cumaru. Bangkirai is the perfect fit for an extensive array of outdoor possibilities. 

Available in 5/4”x6”, 5/4”x4”, 1”x4”, 1”x6”

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Siberian Larch

In Siberia extremely cold winters and regular temperatures of -40°F are the reason for slow growth trees with tight annual rings and large heartwood content causing more hardness and density. Siberian larch contains natural tannins and other antiseptics which are the reason for the great durability of this species.

Available in 5/4”x6”


Ipe Decking is one of the strongest and most resilient natural untreated hardwood materials available on the market today. Ipe decking has been a popular choice for both commercial and residential use for many years. Used both as decking and siding, Ipe has developed a great reputation due to its strength, stability, and durability. Ipe decking is naturally resistant to decay, wet conditions, and infestation of termites along with all other wood boring insects, making it an outstanding hardwood choice for building in a variety of climates.

Thermally Modified rhino wood

Rhino Wood is created through a two-stage patented process of converting sustainably grown South African pine into a hardwood equivalent. The thermal modification and pressure impregnation processes result in a product that is 60% stronger without effecting elasticity. Rhino Wood is 40% harder than Oak and has a Class 1 Durability rating, in the same class as Ipe.

Exoshield wood stain


  • Longest lasting color and protection out of any wood stain
  • Highest amount of UV blocking available
  • Up to 800 SF of coverage on hardwoods and up to 450 SF on softwoods
  • Low VOC and made of all natural products
  • Marine grade components

Exodek Quick clip

The ONLY Hidden Deck Fasteners that Allow Wood to Expand and Contract Naturally. Perfect for Hardwoods like Ipe, Batu, Cumaru, Tigerwood & Mahogany.

Typical deck boards can swell up to 3/16” in width. The ExoDek QuickClip hidden decking fastener will compress to absorb this expansion. When the wood later dries out, the hidden fastener spring clip will move the boards back into place, centered perfectly, and securely fastened to the joist below.