Live Edge Wood goes through a unique process to become your furniture

Walk into any local antique store or country home in our area and you’ll notice one distinctive feature. The commitment to retain the natural aesthetic of our surrounding landscape remains prevalent in the furniture and decorations locals purchase for their homes and businesses. One of the more common pieces that represent this principle are the Live Edge wood slabs that can be utilized as tabletops or glue-ups.

Here at Ghent Wood Products, we take special care in ensuring these slabs go through the proper cycle of production, from selection to manufacturing, live edge slabs must retain their unique look in order to maintain the rustic character of our area. First, and perhaps most importantly, our slabs are chosen based on uniqueness. This specialized kind of wood finds its value in retaining the curves and features of the tree from which the wood was cut, meaning that each piece of furniture these slabs are selected for is its own distinctive piece.

Once the customer has selected the wood that best suits their tastes, the logs are then cut in one of our multiple sawmills. After cutting, the slabs are then stickered to maintain their flat, level shape and to allow air to flow between the slabs.

At Ghent Wood Products, time equals quality, and patience leads to customer satisfaction so our slabs are allowed to air dry for six months to a year and in some cases even longer in order to retain a dried wood aesthetic. After the slabs have waited for long enough, they are dried even more, this time in our one or our unique kilns for two to four weeks.

Finally the stickers come off and it’s time to plain, surfacing is accomplished via the use of our brand new planer up to 41 inches and for larger slabs on our custom wide belt sander. There’s a reason live edge wood is so popular in our area, its beautiful quality is only matched by its strength and customizable style. Live edge wood slabs are perfect for customers looking to blend a unique look with the wildness of our natural world.

Live Edge Wood slabs available at Ghent Wood Products