Siberian Larch Wood

Grown in the mythical forests of Siberia, in Russia, the titular giant conifer represents the rugged resilience of the landscape where it was born. Siberian Larch is grown slowly in the harsh elements making it one of the most durable softwoods available.

Its aged texture and hearty exterior attract the eyes of customers looking for an honest, rustic finish. Once this timber is kiln dried and planed, the growth rings become more prominent and present one of the most pleasing aesthetics when it comes to wood paneling. Due to Siberian Larch’s high density nature and its enduring resistance to high impact environmental conditions as well as rot, it is perfect for posts, railroad ties, flooring, and decking.

Siberian Larch’s resistance to decay is due in part to its large content of heartwood, a denser, less fallible material than sapwood, Siberian Larch’s large makeup of heartwood remains the most rare among all wood products. Its durability is matched only by its practicality – as it can be easily manufactured and machined for large scale building projects.

If you’re looking for material that not only retains its integrity, but its unique aesthetic for an extended lifetime, our new addition from one of the last frontiers on the planet will satisfy any homeowner or builder looking for their project to fit into the wilderness landscape.

For centuries, structures built in Russia have withstood the test of time and the most brutal winters known to man simply because this “Tree of Eternity” has sheltered the people from the Russian frontier within its unmatched sturdy frame.