Red Oak is abundant at Ghent Wood Products

The Red Oak is perhaps the most common hardwood species of oak that grows along the East Coast of the United States. Despite its common nature, Red Oak itself is comprised of eight species, eight of which are bought and sold commercially. Due to its abundance, the sturdy oak species is the most widely used lumber and can be utilized for a number of varying projects including flooring, door designs, panel work, moulding, and even furniture. The oak by its very nature is an especially sturdy hardwood. Red Oak in particular is known for its heavy stiffness and can withstand many architectural weight-bearing considerations. Red Oak can be finished in a variety of ways and presents a highly attractive golden brown hue once stained. The sapwood in Red Oak is most commonly white in color while its heartwood remains a darker reddish brown. Its toughness and wide range of uses as well as its strength in artisanal presentation make this particular wood an American classic. At Ghent Wood Products, we carry a variety of Red Oak grades including rustic grades for flooring and many varieties in rough sawn cuts.

Red Oak Wood slabs available at Ghent Wood Products