Let’s Talk About Laminate: LVL Lumber and its Muscle

LVL provides the unique strength for large scale projects

Sometimes projects require an extra engineering touch, when installing trusses, force support is critical. At Ghent Wood Products we offer specialized Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) for the kind of architectural support necessary for any scale building project. LVL has been a crucial component for industrial renovation projects for years, used as a component for heavy duty installs including load bearing columns and ring beams as well as complex framing projects that require-either by customer choice or the environment where the home will be built-the kind of fortitude to withstand extreme weather conditions. Laminated Veneer Lumber is produced by using adhesives to glue together thin beams of wood according to focused specifications that make LVL a more efficient form of milled lumber than other types of lumber that one might consider. When tackling any home construction project that include considerations for heavy, load bearing support, choose the kind of lumber at Ghent Wood Products that can sustain the stress of force support and remains the most resistant to warping in the tough Upstate New York weather cycle. And if you’d like to learn more, take a look at this interesting and helpful YouTube video about LVLs.

LVLs in action at a project. Work and images courtesy of Nailed It Building & Construction