Ash Wood Flooring – Density the key to strong flooring

Wood from the Ash Wood Tree (whose botanical name is Fraxinus Excelsior) is about as dense as any of its kind in North America making Ash Wood of particular interest when deciding what kind of floors you should install for your home projects. With an average density of .69 grams per centimeter squared, Ash Wood retains its rigidity while at the same time remaining as strong and sturdy as any wood. Ash Wood also possesses the necessary qualities that make highly resistant to harsh punishment from indoor conditions, it is one of the go-to types of lumber for indoor flooring for this reason. Whether it be the natural erosive nature of time, or everyday wear and tear of home life, Ash Wood can withstand much of what years of punishment can dish out. Ash Wood has the ability to dry naturally but should avoid being exposed to high temperatures as it has a propensity to lose some of its durability if left exposed to a warm climate. Ash Wood is also one of the most workable types of lumber in the industry and can be easily nailed, glued, and polished. Many customers in our region are often in search of flooring that is both strong, and still resistant to many harmful materials. Ash Wood remains resistant to many alkalis and acids, and its elasticity makes it a top choice for customers in search of long-lasting indoor flooring. At Ghent Wood Products, we carry Ash Wood flooring in rustic and select grades usually ranging from 3” to 12” in width. However, upon special request, we will happily run a rift/quarter sawn product as well.

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