"Cheats" help with calculations

How to Calculate:

How to Measure Square Feet Coverage:

To calculate the square footage of an area, measure the length (L) multiplied by the width (W) or height (H). This will give you the square footage needed to cover the area. Remember if you are doing walls to include every all walls in your calculations. Online Calculator

To figure the square footage of a Gable (the triangle wall area that meets the roof line), measure the length (L) multiplied by the height (H) at the highest point, then multiply by .60
Add all coverage areas together for your actual square footage required.

How to Figure Allowances:

You have to allow a waste factor for cutting, fitting and the occasional miss-cut. Many times customers will fail to allow for doors, windows etc. We typically figure in 15% to 20% for this allowance.

How to Convert Square Foot to Linear Foot:

Using 4" x 300%
Using 6" x 200%
Using 8" x 150%
Using 10" x 120%
Using 12" is the Same.
This will give you the linear footage need to cover the area. Don't forget to calculate for waste. Online Calculator

How much will my truck hold?

To determine the yard capacity for your truck bed, multiply the bed length (in feet) x width x height and divide by 27 cubic feet = yard capacity.

A full size pickup truck with an 8 foot bed will hold approximately 2.7 yards level with the top of the bed, or 4 yards if heaped. A midsize pickup with a 7 foot bed will hold 1.7 yards level with the top of the bed, or 2.5 yards if heaped.

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